Lisa Muller: Anim Us

Dec 4th - Jan 3rd, 2016

Lisa Muller has exhibited in regional andnational shows and has created public ceramic installations for a variety ofvenues including the Philadelphia International Flower Show, the North DakotaMuseum of Art and the town of Phoenixville, PA. Currently, she lives and works in Pottstown, PA.

Lisa Muller Artist Statement:

Growing up in my house I learned tomake things in self defense. My parents, driven by creative will and budgetconstraints, converted each room in our suburban home according to theircurrent medium of interest. The garage as well, first employed to complete a 22ft cabin boat and travel camper, was later transformed into a working ironforge and welding shop. When I saw something in a store that I wanted - whetherit was go-carts, puppets or dresses - my parents would invariably say \"Oh, you could make one SO much nicer than that!\". And so I tried.

Later, it was no surprise to anyone when I moved a kiln, throwing wheel andcasting equipment into the house. Many studios and travels later, making thingshas become a way of life. Despite years of art school and a graduate degree, myconnection with materials remains my primary incentive for working. The shearjoy of merging an idea with the concrete terms of the physical world, gets meout of bed in the morning.

I've been developing my current body of work for seven years. First inspired bythe work of Henry Mercer of Doylestown PA, the imagery rich style I'vedeveloped combines mythology, history and everyday observation using humor andmetaphor. We live our lives according to a collection of stories we choose tobelieve. It is the power these narratives contain that intrigues me.

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Exhibition Curated by Naomi Cleary