Linda Lopez: Recent Work

Aug 5th - Aug 28th, 2011

Linda Lopez is part of The Clay Studio's Resident Program, now in her second year. She came to The Clay Studio straight from Graduate School, having earned her MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder in the spring of 2010. Lopez creates work in both two andthree dimensions. Her finished work may be drawings, sculpture or a combination of the two. With this exhibition Lopez presents anthropomorphized objects in a new series of drawings and sculpture rooted in the domestic landscape.

When speaking of her childhood, Lopez recounts the limited communication in her home as her immigrant parents spoke little English. Hungry for that kind of interaction she began to have conversations with inanimate objects of all sorts, providing each with their own personality, stories and lives. This experience is at the core of her work and it is what Lopez infuses into each piece she makes.

The drawings on exhibit are mixed media. Using ink, watercolor and pencil, Lopez creates line drawings of commonplace domestic objects - a fan or chair, for example, that are simple and pure in their rendering. Intimately scaled the objects are often in color and surrounded by large swaths of white paper intentionally left untouched providing for context and compositional containment. Her objects, - the still life components and buckets were made in ceramic while the "2 x 4's" were created with epoxy covering wooden dowels.