Katherine Hackl: New Work

Jun 1st - Jul 1st, 2007

Katherine Hackl established her ceramic studio in 1994. Her work includes both traditionally hand crafted pottery and tile. Her hand–thrown functional stoneware and porcelain forms are decorated with a hand–carved sgraffito technique. Each piece is a unique combination of elegant form layered with botanical images, patterns, and illustrations.

"Pots can have a very social character. They look for ways to be a part of one's day - whether holding one's cup of coffee, showing off an arrangement of wild flowers, or presenting a platter of grilled vegetables. I try to create work that invites these personalities to emerge, while developing a balance betwen work that is practical to use and is visually exciting and a pleasure to live with. I love the evolving challenge of integrating form, function, and decorative surfaces in ways that draw on our broad ceramic tradtions."

Katherine Hackl