Julia Galloway: Endangered Species of Pennsylvania

Bonovitz Gallery

Oct 4th - Nov 17th, 2019

Recently I have been researching endangered species. For the most part we have little understanding of what species are in peril. I am interested in making something unseen to be seen, as I believe that by helping them be visible we can better grasp the magnitude the situation. Fish and insects are a vulnerable population as they are difficult to see and study. For the most part, the ocean is generally not under the stewardship of a specific country, so there are few regulations to protect habitats. As of today, there are nineteen species of fish of north American that have gone extinct or are severely endangered since the industrial revolution. These are commemorative plates for the 358 species of Pennsylvania that are either endangered, vulnerable or of concern as determined by the US Fish & Wildlife agency and the Natural Heritage Program of Pennsylvania. This set represents about 150 of that group, with a focus on fish and insects.

We do need to have some hope during a time of uncertainty; on the back of each plate there is a brief essay about the species in general, as well as information about what we can do to support their repopulation.

These plates are made from porcelain, hand built on a mold. Each drawing is lightly cut into the surface and filled with blue black slip (colored clay) and the extra rinsed away. After a first firing, a clear glaze is applied and the plater is re-fired. Then the platinum luster is painted on, finally the decal with the information is applied to the back of the pate and fired again. Please understand, luster is a very soft material and will scratch easily. The plates, if used, are recommended for dry or soft foods only, and briefly as some spicy or acid-based foods will wear off the luster.

A portion of the proceeds from each plate will be donated to an environmental group by the artist.

$125/each  - 2 plates for $225 - 3 plates for $350 - 4 plates for $450                 Call Jennifer Zwilling to purchase quantities, or Shop Here