Jerry Bennett: Constructing Form

Feb 2nd - Feb 25th, 2007

Jerry Bennett is a former Resident Artist of The Clay Studio. He left the program this past August, after staying the full five years the program allows. He is now working in his own studio in Philadelphia. The work included this exhibition is the culmination of his time spent in Residence.

Jerry creates sculptures that allude to vessel forms. Using porcelain paper clay in their construction, his pieces are architectural in nature and use hundreds of similar parts in their creation. His base skeletal forms serve as a foundation for the addition of various elements, both ceramic and wire, that move freely in space. This contrast, between the static and expressive, creates an interesting tension within each of the pieces he makes.

"It is always difficult to explain my art in that it is very personal and based on a process of discovery. I am reminded of the artist Peter Milton, when asked to write a statement defining his art replied, "I would be a sad father indeed if these children wern't able to speak for themselves."

Jerry Bennett