Dec 2nd - Jan 1st, 2017

We invite you to a cozy exploration of home and hearth. The hearth throughout history has been the center of a home, both for cooking and for heating up a dwelling. This exhibition seeks to investigate the components, utensils, and containers that exist in a space and the furnishings that define a home. We meditate on a holistic understanding of how the objects that we live with help to create an ambiance to entertain, relax and tell stories. 

Each artist in the exhibition responds to different components of home. Joseph Pintz speaks to the cooking objects and kitchen utensils that are often hung traditionally above a hearth. Sunshine Cobb brings us a world of vessels that can contain, preserve and store with hervibrant color palette. Jeremy Randall has a rich visual vocabulary of textures and palimpsests that heimbues his pieces with and creates rustic forms that bridge the past with the present.