Graduate Student Biennial 2019

Focus on Walt Whitman

May 31st - Jul 21st, 2019

Walt Whitman (1819–1892) is a colossal figure in American literature and art.

His writings were incredibly wide ranging, addressing issues of nature, environmentalism, sexual orientation, beauty, travel, democracy, transcendentalism, and much more. He pioneered the new type of poetry called free verse, and self published his writings. He was born in New York, lived for many years in Brooklyn, lived the end of his life in Camden, and spent great amounts of time in Philadelphia.

Whitman has been called America's "poet of democracy.” The 200th anniversary of his birth this year provides an important opportunity to reassess his estimable contributions to American life at a time when our country is so polarized. The Clay Studio Graduate Student Biennial will offer young artists from around the country an opportunity to reflect on his legacy and to examining their place in the world. Consider these immortal lines:

"I am large, I contain multitudes"

"Forever Alive, Forever Forward"

"I celebrate myself and sing myself"

We encourage you to take this opportunity to learn about this important American artist — there is something for everyone. Whether this will be your first time exploring Whitman, or you are already inspired by Whitman's work, we believe that exploring this graduate student biennial of ceramic artists will be eye-opening. The show was juried by Judith Tannenbaum, Artistic Director of Whitman at 200.

Our Graduate Student Biennial has a long history of showing work by future Resident Artists, NCECA Emerging Artists, and major grant recipients. Prizes for the top three works in the show will be awarded.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 31st, 6-8pm


Best in Show Award - Katie Sleyman, Perfect Posture

Curator's Choice - Jennifer O'Connell Reid, Monuments for Love

Collector's Choice - Elspeth Schulze, Flux