GIFTED: The Clay Studio's Annual Holiday Exhibition

Nov 6th - Jan 3rd, 2010

This annual exhibition highlights the work of some of America's finest ceramic artistis. Opening over the course of both November and December, the exhibition will ultimately include the work of over 100 artists, all exhibiting affordable and accesible objects, perfect for your holiday gift giving. Plates, bowls, mugs, ornaments and tiles, representing a wide aesthetic range, are available for immediate sale.

GIFTED, has over the years, become known as THE exhibition for one to purchase the finest original hand made ceramic objects availalble nationally. Hand made objects have an incredible ability to speak, interact and relate with their user. The subtle joy in selecting one's favorite mug for morning coffee is a ritual that should be shared by all. Those momentary pauses to appreciate the creative expression of the maker, the form, design, feel and or surface of the object they created, are meaningful and enriching, truly adding to the quality of one's daily life. GIFTED is the perfect opportunity to experience this not only for yourself, but for those you love.

Participating artists include: Jennifer Allen, Kurt Anderson, JoAnn Aquinto, Christa Assad, Ingrid Bathe, Yasha Butler, Jeff Campana, Rebecca Chappell, Victoria Christen, Circa Ceramics, Naomi Cleary, Mark Cole, Michael Connelly, David Crane, Bernadette Curran, Steve Godfrey, Ryan Greenheck, Katherine Hackel, Hiroe Hanazono, Molly Hatch, Lana Heckendorn, Bryan Hopkins, Stepanka Horalkova, Matthew Hyleck, Marlene Jack, Julie Johnson, Brian Jones, Liz Kinder, Gretchen Kramp, Pam Lethbridge, Ryan McKerley, Lorna Meaden, Michelle Miller, Motawi Tileworks, Joyce Nagata, Kathryn Narrow, Brooke Noble, Lisa Orr, Douglas Peltzman, Joseph Pintz, Elizabeth Robinson, Rough & Perfect, Kari Radasch, Claire Shenk Rodgers, Lauren Sandler, Amy Santoferraro, Emily Schroeder, Kevin Snipes, Shawn Spangler, Adam Spector, Rob Sutherland, Munemitsu Taguchi, Charlie Tefft, Shoko Teruyama, Sue Tirrell, Joanie Turbek, Jen Wankoff, Debbie Williams, and John Williams.