La Flor, El Nicho, y sus Memorias

George Rodriguez

Oct 2nd - Nov 1st, 2020

George Rodriguez will use the intimate space of the Bonovitz Gallery to create a reflection and meditation area. One viewer at a time can enter for a quiet, solitary moment where they  will be offered an opportunity to shape clay to contribute to an altar inside. Rodriquez’s altar will honor the Dia De Los Muertos, which will be celebrated at the culmination of the exhibition.

"In the spirit of bringing people together I wanted to create a community altar where memories and traces of friends and family would be felt even while being distant. Flowers adorn the walls and create a colorful embrace. Small niches hold offerings of hope and remembrances. There is pleasure in decoration, there is pleasure in knowing we are together."

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Check out a video of George explaining the exhibition here.