Funkadelic Awakening: A Futuristic Resistance

Jun 7th - Jun 30th, 2019

A group exhibition inspired by the work of Donté K. Hayes, Salvador Jiménez-Flores, and Jennifer Ling Datchuk.

Each artist within this exhibition is actively disrupting the status quo, the norm created by Western culture. Through each of their works, they develop and engage in new narratives that challenge European dominance on a global scale, inclusive but not exclusive to the United States. Wrestling with multiple historical references, the works collectively question notions of systemic erasure on a individual as well as ancestral scope. Simultaneously, each artist speaks to specific themes of resistance related to their personal journey within their cultural identity, using a fluid combination of ideals stemming from Futurism and/or Afro-Futurism. Together, each artist offers viewers a fresh perspective on a pertinent but timeless conversation about eternal resistance and how that force can inspire radical ways of redefining oneself. 

-Gerald A. Brown