Derek Au

Aug 6th - Sep 30th, 2012

Over the next few months, The Clay Studio will produce amulti part project, titled MADE BY HAND, exploring the relevance of handmadetableware in the 21st century. This exhibition is one of the two producedin support.

Derek Au, is American born of Chinese descent. Educated in the USA he currentlylives in Jingdezhen China known for its rich history in ceramic art. Au’s work is a mixture of Eastern andWestern cultures, true for the entire field of American Ceramics, and a mix of historicceramic tradition and contemporary design. His work is inspired by origami, Song Dynasty Qingbai ware and tinware using the forms and methods of itsproduction so prevalent in Jingdezhen. His materials of choice, a porcelain clay body covered by a celadonglaze, are rooted in centuriesold tradition, the perfect foil for his minimal and contemporary forms.