Jul 27th - Sep 6th, 2019

The law of Conservation of energy tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can only be transformed or transferred from one form into another. What happens when you don't sign out of your browsing history? Where does the energy of an unfinished masterpiece end up? What happens when we die? The Mystic of the unexplained. CRANK is a collaborative endeavor without gender. Born out of countless misconceptions. The elegant creative child of rejection letters and misquoted art reviews. The miscommunication between cultures about culture. CRANK harvests the visual lexicon of art & advertising. Literature, movies, music from the dawn of time until today are all fair game as tools to describe existing at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

In a very short time, CRANK has garnered critical praise and acquisitions by well-respected curators and museum collections. CRANK debuted in winter at Art Miami Wynwood 2019 and opens the summer with AMERICAN BEAUTY, a solo exhibition at The Clay Studio.