Ceramics Israel

May 1st - Jul 1st, 1994

Featuring work by Ziva Ben Arav, Adi Adela Aronow, Edith Adi, Michal Alon, Yael Atzmony, Ephrat Barash, Anat Barel, Shlomit Bauman, Gila Ben-David, Tania Engelstein, Mulu Geta, Magdalena Hefetz, Doron Jacoby, Rina Kimche, Varda Lahav, Ilit Lejtman, Judith Mayer, Hannah Miller, David Morris, Gdula Ogen, Boris Rubenstein, Mira Sadot, Leah Sheves, Talma Tamari, Dalit Tayar, Talia Tokatly, Rachel Tzamir, Meira Una, Varda Yatom, Mark Yudell, and Pnina Zamir-Amir.

"Sixty years of Israeli ceramic art has sufficed to integrate the medium with local materials and scenery (Israeli soil and dryness, that have become the factors and textures), with local mythological sources (Mediterranean and Biblical archaeology, especially ritual objects) and, just as important, with the modern language of pure forms and with the meta-ceramic games of postmodernism. Truly Israeli culture: Oriental and Western, ancient and avant-garde, local and international, secular and observant - perhaps the definition of the Israeli situation as a whole. And perhaps also an explanation for the proliferation of ceramic shops and workshops in Israeli city centers.

"This exhibition reflects all these facets, and the spectator walking past the ceramic forms is invited to participate in an anthropological experience of rituals and archaic myths (David Morris, Gila Ben-David, Rina Kimche, Tania Engelstein, Dalit Tayar) as well as to partake in the adventure of the medium, clay multi-layered forms; because, after all, just like the multi-layered modern Hebrew language (from Biblical and Talmudic times to the most current slang) we can discover in the language of these ceramic works some of the foundations of classic pottery (from the works of Judith Mayer, Mira Sadot, Talma Tamari and Michal Alon) no less so than the postmodern pottery-sculptures of Yael Atzmony, Shlomit Bauman and Leah Sheves."

-  Dr. G. Ofrat, art historian

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Featured Work

Gila Ben David Illumination Body

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Three Birds Adi Adela Aronow