British Studio Ceramics: Works from the New Millennium

Jun 1st - Jul 29th, 2001

Second Floor Gallery: British Studio Ceramics:Works from the New Millennium
>Board Vice President, Marc A. Grainer not only chose these wonderful
>artists and their work, he also packed, shipped and unpacked the 70+
>pieces! An avid collector of British studio ceramics, Marc has
>chosen work from his own collection as well as work that shows the
>eclectic nature of the current ceramics scene in Great Britain. To
>see images of this work please visit our website at

Alison Britton2. "White Jar"Alison Britton3. "Undergrowth"Alison Britton1. "Shelter"

Christie Brown3. Painted Head A"Christie Brown3. Painted Head B"

Edmund de Waal5. "Pair of Cargo Dishes"

Felicity Aylieff5&6 Asymmetric VesselsFelicity Aylieff3&4 Asymmetric Vessels (white)                      Felicity Aylieff1. "Painted Grey"

John Middlemiss1. "Thorn vessel"John Middlemiss2. "Labyrinth Form"John Middlemiss6. "Thorn Vessel"John Middlemiss5. "Flow Vessel"

Kate Malone2. Sliced Heart FruitKate Malone2. "Jungle Nut"Kate Malone3. Sliced Heart Fruit

Ken Eastman1. "Sprawl"Ken Eastman2. "Friday Afternoon Series II"Ken Eastman3. "Untitled Vessel"

N. Arroyave-Portela5. "Terracotta Indentedand Flared Form"N. Arroyave-Portela2. "TerracottaCrumpled Form"

N. Arroyave-Portela4. "Blue Indented Form"N. Arroyave-Portela1. "Minty Green Crumpled Form"N. Arroyave-Portela3. "Blue Hour Glass Form"

Peter Hayes3. "Raku Bow with copper patina discPeter Hayes1. "Red burnished bottle pot"

Stephen DixonIV "Apocalypsis"Stephen DixonV "Asylum"

Takeshi Yasuda3. "Vase Bottle" (yellow)Takeshi Yasuda4. "Vase Tranpet" (yellow)Takeshi Yasuda5. "Bowl"

Christie Brown1. "Portrait of Pygmalion"Christie Brown2. "Portrait of Galatea"Edmund de Waal1. "Large Lidded Jar"Edmund de Waal2. "Pair of Bottle Vases"Edmund de Waal3. "A Short Line"Felicity Aylieff2. "Fruit"Gordon Baldwin1. "Stepped Vessel II"Gordon Baldwin2. "Stepped Vessel VGordon Baldwin3. "Nimbus V"Jason Wason1. "Snakeskin Vessel"Jason Wason2. "Snakeskin Square"Jason Wason3. "Vessel & 12 Studs"Jason Wason4. "Large Open Bowl" Jason Wason5. "Preservation Box"Jason Wason6. "Low Studded Vessel"Jason Wason7. "Large Urn and SpiralJason Wason8. "Handprint"Jason Wason9. "Preservation Box"Jenny Beavan2 (a&b) "As Above, So Below"Jenny Beavan3 (a&b) "As Above, So Below"Jenny Beavan6 (a&b) "As Above, So Below"John Middlemiss3. "Mother Form"John Middlemiss4. "Boat Vessel"Julian Stair1. Round CaddyJulian Stair2. Oval CaddyJulian Stair3. Eliptical CaddyJulian Stair4. Oval CaddyJulian Stair5. Square CaddyJulian Stair6. Triangular DishJulian Stair7. Eliptical DishKate Malone1. Sliced Heart FruitKate Malone4. Sliced Heart FruitKate Malone1. "Heart Walnut"Ken Eastman4. "Place"Ken Eastman5. "Teapot and 2 cups and SaucersKen Eastman (teapot)Ken Eastman (ea cup & saucer)Peter Hayes2. "Black Pebble with copper patina discPeter Hayes4. "Ice Porcelain Keyhole Bow"Peter Hayes5. "Ice Porcelain Form mounted on welsh slateStephen DixonI.  "Tusker"Stephen DixonII  "Birdman"Stephen DixonIII "Shoot"Takeshi Yasuda1. "Vase Tranpet" (white)Takeshi Yasuda2. "Vase Bottle" (white)