Arnie Zimmerman: Springtime Vase Triptis

Bonovitz Gallery

Sep 1st - Oct 1st, 2017

With over 50 pieces in this massive vase installation, Zimmerman displays the work he created during an artist residency at the Neue Porzellanfabrick in Triptis, Germany. He relished the opportunity to work in a factory setting where he had the opportunity to interact with the workers and benefit from their experience. This attitude demonstrates his understanding of art and the art process.

Zimmerman studied at Kansas City Art Institute and at Alfred College of Ceramic Art in New York, is a full-time sculptor working with ceramic materials in Hudson, New York. Exhibitions, symposia and artist residencies have taken him to numerous places within the United States as well as Europe and Asia. The scale of his work has varied over the years from extensive, room-filling installations to small figurines or teapots with portraits.