American Clay Artists: Philadelphia '83

Jun 12th - Jul 8th, 1983

"American Clay Artists: Philadelphia ’83" was exhibited throughout Old City, an area in Philadelphia where The Clay Studio was founded, and provided a creative connective link with its neighborhood galleries – Rosenfeld, Helen Drutt and Marian Locks East. This exhibition also provided a way for the public to examine the ceramic movement from its classical, Anglo-Japanese traditions to its more recent entrance into mainstream art. As Helen Drutt wrote in the foreword to the catalog: “American Clay Artist: Philadelphia ’83 reinforces the notion that the categories established in art three centuries ago have been dissolved for a myriad of reasons and that the artist working in clay is a dominant force in the art of today.”

The work of 60 nationally known artists will be featured from June 12 - July 8 at the following galleries: Helen Drutt Gallery, 305 Cherry St; Marion Locks Gallery East, 122 Arch St; Rosenfeld Gallery, 113 Arch St. Artist included: Robert Arneson, Clayton G. Bailey, Douglas Baldwin, Bennett Bean, Thom R. Bohnert, Robert Brady, Nancy Carman, Val Cushing, William P. Daley, Ruth Duckworth, Kenneth R. Ferguson, Robert Forbes, David Gilhooly, Andrea Gill, John Gill, John P. Glick, Erik Gronborg, Lois Hennessey, Tony Hepburn, Wayne Higby, Richard Hirsch, Jun Kaneko, Karen Karnes, Howard Kottler, Ron Lang, Bruno Laverdiere, Marilyn Levine, Ken D. Little, Michael Lucero, Graham Marks, David Middlebrook, Judy Moonelis, Jens Morrison, Donna L. Nicholas, Theodore Randall, Don Reitz, Daniel Rhodes, Jacquelyn Rice, Tom Rippon, G. David Shaner, Richard Shaw, Paul Soldner, Rudolf Staffel, John H. Stephenson, Susanne G. Stephenson, Lizbeth Stewart, Toshiko Takaezu, Jack Thompson, George Timock, Robert Turner, Ken Vavrek, Patti Warashina, Paula Colton Winokur, Robert M. Winokur, Betty Woodman, Daisy Youngblood. An exhibition by resident artists of the Clay Studio will be featured at: The Clay Studio Gallery, 49 North Second St. Resident Artists at The Clay Studio Gallery: Judy Axelrod, Ron D'Alonzo, Elizabeth Dailey, Janice Merendino, Kathryn Narrow, Marian Pritchard, Kathie Regan, Elyse Saperstein, Dale Shuffler.