20th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition


Sep 10th - Oct 2nd, 1994

20th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition 1974-1994

Exhibition of over 140 nationally acclaimed artists associated with The Clay Studio since 1974. 



When the idea of mounting a major exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Clay Studio was first proposed, we compiled a list of artists who have been associated with the Studio in some fashion over these two decades. The list totaled over 400 names and we were quite certain it was incomplete. This obviously not too-limiting limitation allowed me to put together a fantasy exhibition, featuring some of the top clay artists in the country and world, as well as many enormously talented early career artists. It is rare in this life that one gets to realize a fantasy but in this instance mine has indeed come true, as almost every artist we invited has agreed to participate. What’s even more exciting is that most of these artists are making their most current and major works available.

Jimmy Clark, Executive Director