Xavier Monsalvatje Vich

Guest Artist - Past

Residence Time: November & December 2012

Country of Origin: Spain

Using simple, recognizable and traditional forms as his canvas, Xavier Monsalvatje envelopes his surfaces with mega-urban landscapes, highly stylized with volumetric forms that are reminiscent of both WPA paintings and works by Mexican muralists in the 1920's and 30's. They celebrate and memorialize an industrial aesthetic in the architecture and machined systems beautifully and meticulously painted onto the surfaces of his forms. Monsalvatje's complex compositions are testament to his superior drawing skills, his ability to see and the manner in which he organizes or composes space.

Though trained as a ceramicist Monsalvatje's creative output includes painting, and installation work. The common thread between all, regardless of material, is the subject matter, industrial architecture, its aesthetics and its unique impact on our landscape.



Xavier Monsalvatje graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Valencia, Spain in 1988. Monsalvatje has exhibited in Japan, Finland, Mexico, Finland, USA, Portugal, Austria, Panama, Chile, Denmark, Sweden and fourteen other countries internationally.

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