Walter Moore

Guest Artist - Past

I’m Walter Joseph Moore, born in western North Carolina, the 4th child of 4 brothers and one sister, father worked construction and Mama kept the home. We were Episcopalians. My education started in segregation then integration after the 7th grade until I graduated. I went to college in the Mid-West. My first employment was editing life insurance pamphlets in Washington, DC.Presently I live in Philadelphia.

On a vacation back home to visit my parents I got hooked on pottery.  My mother introduced me to pottery, she as enrolled in a pottery class for senior citizens, I tagged-along and that day started my life long passion for pottery.  I’m mostly self-taught from a plethora of pottery classes and workshops. Art always interested me, doodling, sketching and water coloring, but to my surprise pottery completely captured my heart.  Two of my best pottery teachers have been trial and error.

I am dedicated to ceramics, it’s indistinguishable from magic and it inspires it me. Inspiration comes to me when I am throwing on the wheel, rolling out a slab, creating a template, rolling a coil, pinching a pot, or pouring or dipping on a glaze.  My artistic curiosities are insatiable and my imagination is restless and unlimited.  Pottery is my passion.  I relish in pottery!  I love pottery. This is my story and I’m sticking with it.