tanaka headshot

Tetsuya Tanaka

Guest Artist - Past

Residence Time: February 2015

Country of Origin: Japan


For ten years I've made the ceramic works that were combined with the metal. Though these works look like a genuine metallic, products, the main material is ceramics and only a few parts are real metal. I am wondering if I could eliminate the borderline of this earthenware and metal. My main works are modern arts, and at the same time they are crafts. I would like to erase the borderline between the modern art and craft work, and between the AVANT-GARDE and TRADITIONAL CRAFT by firing them in my kiln.

My work is a Contemporary art and also a craft. I think always, and I would like be able to offer their critical point. Recently, I am trying approach to contemporary art from ceramic art. I am making vessel for invisible or formless things. For example vessel of sounds, vessel of time. KAGAYAKI series are vessel of lights or rays. I made KAGAYAKI body by semitransparent clay. This clay has been developed at Industrial Research Center of Shiga Prefecture in 2009. I baked fluorescent material on KAGAYAKI inner. I illuminated it with Ultraviolet light lamp. Ultraviolet light is invisible light rays. I rebirth it to visible light rays in KAGAYAKI.


1970 Born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan
1993 Graduated Kinki University, Major in Business Administration, Bachelor
1998 Graduated Musashino Junior College of Art, Major in Oil Painting, Associate Bachelor
2002 Graduated Kyoto University of Art and Design, Major in Ceramic Art, Bachelor
I had participated in many exhibitions Japan, Australia, New York, China, Croatia, Korea, and India.
I had also participated in Biennale or Triennale BIWAKO biennale(Japan), Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale(Korea), Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale(Japan), KOBE Biennale(Japan), and International Triennial of Silicate Arts(Hungary).
I am teaching at Nagoya University of Art as a part time faculty since 2013.  

Instagram: @tetsuyatanakaceramic