susan beiner ava

Susan Beiner

Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 2005-2006

The opulent style of my work initially stemmed from my interest in 18th century European porcelains. I began translating the painted surface of these vessels into layers of encrusted form and color.

Various industrial objects and new discoveries in my environment inspire me, as I question how our creations and technology mold our perceptions. I am influenced by the surrounding colors and textures and how combinations fall into the patterns that occur in nature. I admire shapes of hardware but while negating their intended function, I utilize them as organic specimens rather than industrial fasteners. I search to find a relationship between these disparate parts, as the gap between man-made and natural becomes ever decreasing.

My most recent work displays a shift to a more sculptural attitude, concerned with making what is organic into synthetic (fitting into the contemporary world and more suited to todays manufacturing and industrial design). Covering an expanse of space, my use of excess makes reference to urban sprawl as the space around us becomes increasingly smaller. My interest is fueled by elements of layering, fragmentation, multiplication, juxtaposition and complication collecting in a room size venue.

This has lead me to use materials that go through an industrial process such as plastics, rubber and foam. The inherent qualities of these materials further the connection that occurs between the layers of internal and external space. Here as a viewer, we are challenged by our own perceptions of what is authentic and what is not.