Shawn Spangler

Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 2006-2011

The anxieties of a first kiss, the loss of identity in a foreign country, the spontaneous curiosity of touch demonstrated in a finger mark on a piece of wet clay, are occurrences I find intoxicating. Working on the potter's wheel, clay stretching between my fingers, I find a location, a capability outside of concept. It is similar to courtship or viewing a sunset, the act of throwing a vessel is never insipid; it is suggestive and full, it's offering is slow.

I view my time making as a private act. Yet those moments remain as tools to initiate experiences and make connections with others in the world. Something ineffable happens when using pottery. Perhaps it is a feeling of connectedness which is never forced or hurried, nor drifting or lost. The experience is one of solidity, found in the participation of ones tactile sense. Pottery becomes a kind of play; a regenerative act ripe with reverence, revealing the human hands enduring connection to creativity.

I don’t intend for my work to have a singular meaning. It is a chronology, an overview and illustrative pause in time... It is a stretching of a moment to explore progression and development of an abstracted event. Through ceramics, I am investigating issues of process and provenance, manifested as a collection of ideas, images and objects.

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