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Sandrine Sheon

Associate Artist - Current

I have a background in art and design, but I never worked with clay until I moved to Philadelphia in late 2017 from Cambridge, MA. I attended my first wheel throwing class at Fleisher Art Memorial, taught by wonderful Daniel Teran, and immediately fell in love with this material. Its elasticity, its ability to shape shift and mimic other materials, its history as a material for celebration and commemoration - all of these qualities compel me to add my voice to this flow of archeology. I followed Dan to the Clay Studio where I took other wonderful classes, practising skills and learning the chemistry of material transformation. As an Associate, I’ll be able to broaden all of these skills and to challenge myself further, mixing glazes and firing kilns while getting to work more loosely and bigger. I look forward to selling on my website,, just as soon as I can get the shop running. Most importantly, I deeply appreciate the camaraderie and supportive covid-safe energy of the current (and future) clay studio hive.

Instagram: sandrinesheon