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Sandi Pierantozzi

Teaching Artist - Past


My current work involves a combination of carving, slip inlay and slip trailing, with colored slips, underglazes, and oxide washes, sometimes including impressed texture. By using a variety of surface techniques I feel very engaged with the pot. After many years of using only impressed texture, I felt the urge to explore other methods of surface decoration. Now I often incorporate more than one technique on each piece. Slip trailing and slip inlay, while very challenging, are exciting for me because it is much like writing and drawing, two things I love to do. These techniques of applying designs by carving into, or putting on top of the surface, instead of imbedding into clay, have allowed me to explore texture in a whole new way.

I am inspired by the world around me. Nature, architecture, jewelry and bead design, pattern, especially fabric designs, are constant sources for me. I grew up around fabric and it continues to inspire my work. I have chosen to make functional pots because I appreciate food, celebration, and setting a beautiful table. In this "age of communication," where most communicating is done electronically, and so much food is being eaten out of paper, plastic or Styrofoam, my hope is to have my humanity show through my pots, by bringing some creative life into eating and drinking. A handmade pot contains the soul and energy of the maker, and when used, a human connection is made. These basic connections between people keep our souls alive.


Sandi Pierantozzi is a nationally recognized potter and has been handbuilding pots for over 30 years. Her work, which is predominantly slab built, has been featured in Studio Potter, Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times and over a dozen books on clay work. She has presented numerous workshops across the country, and has exhibited her work nationally and abroad. Her work is in both museum and private collections. She and her husband, Neil Patterson, maintain a private studio, Neighborhood Potters, in Philadelphia.

Instagram: @neighborhoodpotters