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Rosemary Campellone

Workexchange Artist - Past

Rosemary is a ceramic artist and instructor living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Artist Statement:

Clay is a fundamentally malleable and tactile material, satisfying in it's ability to take on different forms. My intent is to leave the marks of pinching and building for the viewer to see, creating a look of softness and approachability.

For me, the process is the most important aspect of my work. To start, I stain porcelain with mason stains, allowing color to influence the form throughout the building of each piece. I then build each piece using a coil and pinch method. This empowers me to slow down and focus on each detail of the form.

These blooming forms were originally influenced by the floral structures found in nineteenth century botanical journals. While the images in these journals continues to inspire my work, collecting and dissecting live flowers has helped me to better understand and incorporate more complex structures in my work.

Instagram: @rcampellone