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Roberta Massuch

Teaching Artist - Past

We are able to hear a single tone. But we almost never (that is, without special devices) see a single color unconnected and unrelated to other colors. Colors present themselves in continuous flux, constantly related to changing neighbors and changing conditions.

-Joseph Albers, The Interaction of Color

The five years spent at The Clay Studio were beyond fulfilling. I cherish that I was a part of the community - stopping into the gallery to see new work and greet staff on my way up to the fourth floor. That is what I will remember the most about my time. While I was able to grow in my practice and professional life - showing in the galleries, receiving an Independence Foundation Grant to travel to Mexico in summer 2016, being resident board representative for two years - the people I met and built relationships with is really where I place the value in the experience.

My practice involves three separate, yet completely intertwined ways of working: ceramic sculpture, functional pottery and drawing. In the sculptural work, I construct compositions with minimalist, architectural ceramic forms which are coated with a film of directed or reflected light from adjacent, brightly colored surfaces. Based in color theory, these three-dimensional still lifes address the perception of objects and the spaces between. The functional objects I create also emerge from these observations. Simple vessels with white exterior surfaces are inextricably involved with nearby objects; the surface of one will always affect the perception of another due to shifts in the intensity and direction of light covering the forms.

Instagram: @robertamassuch