robert raphael

Rob Raphael

Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 2004-2006

Raphael is part of a generation of young makers who are redefining the way clay is used.  His work moves beyond the traditions and material constraints of clay and deals with issues greater than those typically addressed by the ceramics community. Raphael is influenced and inspired by the Decorative Arts – the use of design, ornamentation, decoration, and beauty in all its glorious ways.  His sculptures and installations typically combine two and three dimensions, a variety of media, and abstract traditional notions of beauty.  His work moves beyond surface and decoration purely for aesthetic concerns and highlights issues such as obsession, desire, pleasure, excess and sexuality.  His work at its best is seductive and envelops the viewer within his own beautifully defined environment.

Rob is curious and interested.  He is smart and articulate.  He consistently looks at new work in all media and is fully engaged within a community of makers.  He is well versed at working in a variety of materials and works comfortably in both two and three dimensions.  As a young artist, he has fully committed himself to his work and to establishing himself as an exhibiting artist.