pedro ospina portrait

Pedro Ospina

Guest Artist - Past

Country of Origin: Colombia

Born in Bogota, Colombia, and raised in New York City.  My life’s path has been dedicated to the pursuit of simultaneously exposing myself to a wide range of learning experiences and cultures and then sharing that information and knowledge with those I encounter. To this end I have sought out and absorbed experiences from a variety of sources; from an academic arts education in the U.S to apprenticeships with artisans in Mexico, Wales, Colombia, and Brazil. I have taught in inner city public schools throughout Pennsylvania and New York, and have done extensive work with marginal communities in Colombia and Brazil. Presently, I am the founder and director of The Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden, an innovative community gathering space based on food and art.

Pedro Ospina is the artist for the Play Everywhere Literacy Installation at the Kensington Library. 

Image Identification (left to right)

“Healing Garden” ceramic tile mosaic 20’ x 25', 2007 Artist as Catalyst, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation - COSACOSA art at large, Nicetown, Philadelphia - Reclamation project

”Safe Harbor” wood, over 500 aluminum,brass milagros from the community 20’ x 8’ x 2’, 2001 conducted a series of workshops to introduce the surrounding community to the newly built, Temple University Children's Medical center, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

”Natural Learning” painted metal installation  40’ x  18’, 2008 final design from a series of workshops with children by visiting local gardens in Norris Square, Semilla Arts Initiative -Kensington Library, Mural Arts Philadelphia