mollymcguire portrait

Molly McGuire

Workexchange Artist - Past

Molly McGuire is pursuing her masters in Arts Administration & Museum Leadership at Drexel University. While she works toward her masters and in addition to the work exchange program, she works part time at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and for ceramicist Ryan Greenheck. In between all of that, she tries to make some pottery, too!

Her work is focused on texture and creating a tactile experience in everyday objects such as mugs, cups, and lamps. The textures are created methodically and evenly spaced, yet each piece is unique. The entire process - from creating the form, to decorating the surface, to sharing it with others - is both meditative and energizing. I love to watch people interact with my work because at first, they are unsure if these spiked mugs and cups are meant to be touched at all. When they pick them up, they realize the texture feels quite satisfying. I can see the viewer thinking about how the cup was made and being surprised by these small dots or large spikes I have placed on the surface. There is an interesting interaction between playful and intimidating.