Michael Morgan

Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 1988-1990

Artist Statement: 

I am primarily a brick sculptor. Using this humble everyday material to create public art connects with a wide audience, particularly in the brickcentric East Coast. We all know what that small rectangular unit is, therefore if it is manipulated, it can become a good vehicle for metaphor.

I create sculpture that treats this building unit as a sculptural medium, synthesizing it with elements in the natural landscape, thus making a strong connection between the urban and the natural environments. With the inclusion of glaze, and if its clay nature is emphasized, the resulting sculptural possibilities can be much more varied and exciting than is usually seen. For example, a brick sculpture can, without relying solely on direct representation, express concepts of being altered by water, growing out of the ground, community, the passing of time or a feeling of exuberance and movement. During my career I have completed sculptures that have expressed each of these concepts.

I have completed a number of medium to large scale projects, these have all been specific to a given site, and have stood the test of time in various harsh climates from Florida’s East Coast to the upper Midwest and Upstate New York.


After leaving the Clay Studio I did an MFA at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I have continued to work with brick as a sculptural medium, and over the years have completed many medium to large scale works for public and private clients. I moved back to Philadelphia ten years ago and now have a studio in my basement and a wood fired salt kiln in North Philadelphia.

Instagram: @michmgn56