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Margo Schreiber

Associate Artist - Current

Residence Time: 2022

Country of Origin: United States

Gifted with a positive attitude and a free spirit I have an abundant life! I center clay so I too can have a centered life. Clay is my daily therapy and a mediative practice. Ive found purpose  creating functional objects that both are pleasing to ones eye and enjoyable to use, I get to share my heart with others, a meal at a crowded table, using my wheel thrown and altered ceramics!
 My collection is varied; small dipping bowls, to tapa/salad small plates, to lunch and one dish  dinner bowls to large serving plates, tumblers and flower vases are also available to complete the festive table.! My weathered looking pieces ,once arranged around a table, will create a casual and sophisticated dinning atmosphere. So perfect for serving your kitchen creations! ENJOY and SHARE

 I currently work with rich dark chocolate stoneware, creamy white terra sigillata and colorful oxides and underglazes.  

I am an Associate Artist at The Clay Studio(TCS) in Phila. The TCS Staff have been my teachers for 12 years prior to entering the Associate Program! I most cherished the teacher Daniel Ricardo Teran, for his perfected throwing skills and his respect for the clay process. Teacher Rebecca Chappell taught me to play, experiment, alter, work wet and practice strong scoring/attaching skills. Also from Rebecca, I learned to not get too attached to your work for we learn most from our failures?
Before TCS I participated in the Raku Guild at The Main Line Art Center and I practiced Wood and Saggar firing techniques at the Perkins Center for the Arts and at the Baltimore Clayworks.


Instagram: @SchreiberMargo