Mami Kato

Guest Artist - Past

Residence Time: undefined 1995

Country of Origin: Japan

It took ages for me to find a suitable form.  While struggling, what I finally came up was a shape of a bowl.

When the bowl was made, what became more prominent was the inner space, beyond its appearance. 

Mass of “Air” shaped by the deep curvature was clearly noticeable, when contained by the wall of clay.  This “Air” was my inner mindscape, manifesting my own subconscious desire.

When I create, I am standing at the rim of the bowl, looking down at the depth / subconsciousness.

At the same time, I am standing on the depth of the bowl, looking up the sky / outer world.

Through this rich process of contemplation, I could finally come to the stage of acceptance and forgiveness, free from my deep inferiority, form in which I can be my own self, dream landscape of omnipresent. 

For me, bowl is the ultimate form of object.