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Katherine Harrison

Associate Artist - Past

Kat is an artist from Berlin, CT, specializing in ceramics and printmaking. She graduated with her BFA and a minor in education and art history from Alfred University. After college, she went and worked for several artists located in western Massachusetts and then moved to Milan, Italy. Upon her return, Kat went on a solo road trip that landed her in Philadelphia.

Close to the ocean and to her family, with a good art scene and awesome food, Philly has now become her home and a large part of her artistic development. The intention when she moved here was to focus on her teaching career but, when she passed by the Neighborhood Potters in Fairmount, she was pulled back into her passion for clay. Initially inspired by the colors and textures from painter pallet scraps (“Paint Chips” as she calls them), her style has now shifted into paintings, functional ceramics and woven blankets.

Her ceramic work is done here at The Clay Studio and her prints are created from her home studio in Fairmount. During the weekdays she is the Digital Imaging and Design Teacher at Saint Huberts High School for Girls. You can find more of her work and contact her through KatHarrison.com or through her instagram @ItsAPaintChip and @Katharamics.

“It's been a saving grace as a creative to have the time and space to work at The Clay Studio during these strange times of a pandemic. I am very grateful. As an associate artist, I hope to keep expanding my knowledge of color, form and using the ceramic vessel as a canvas for transferring my imagery. My main goal is to be an intentional maker…and to just keep making!”