duchamp bio

Karima Duchamp

Guest Artist - Past

Residence Time: May 2015

Country of Origin: France

My pieces are repetitive geometric shapes, rigid forms very straight, almost empty of emotion, so that all I have to say is on the surfaces that become loaded to create a sensory environment.

My creative process is part of the veiled /unveiled, hidden /not hidden, appearance/ disappearance, fragile and strong, soft and hard, ephemeral and enduring, a changing material that is transformed. I build flows, full and empty, frames, landscapes, characters, that question the nature of the object: we do not really know what it is. The characters seem trapped in a format often hidden, they are dissimulated, down-hearted or dreamers. Silhouettes and shadows are only ghosts, hidden on boxes that represent death, urns that connect me to my past and fear of disappearance. For me, the box is hiding something, a thought, a physical condition, words, into the slabs of clay that constitute and concentrate it, an inner territory. It becomes a fetish object, a thing underneath.


Karima Duchamp Is a French artist. She earned her Master of Arts with Honor from Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts Besançon, and her Ceramic Art Diploma from Maison de la Ceramique, Mulhouse. She has supported her own studio since 2004 and is a member of both the French Maison des Artistes and the Ateliers d’Art de France. Duchamp has exhibited her work all over the world and participating in several international artist residency programs. We are excited to host Ms. Duchamp at The Clay Studio in May of 2015.