Joseph Iacona

Teaching Artist - Past

Artist Statement

Joseph Iacona draws inspiration from a broad range of naturally occurring systems, creating Art that investigates patterns and visualizes invisible forces. His images often reference cosmological theories, transferences of energy, and the changing landscape. Iacona's artwork is formulated through a combination of  Dream, Experience, Memory & Plein Air. These personal studies alter the observable, constructing a self-referential narrative between perspective, scale, and time. Iacona's work identifies relationships that exist throughout art and life. Tracing the connections found within the observable, his creations consider the science between individual experience and the greater world.


Teaching Statement

I believe that every individual has the ability to express themselves in a visual way. We often have doubt and fear the uncertain results when trying for the first time. It is my calling to be there to help everyone push through this fear. There is no good or bad, no right or wrong standards in art-making. There is only what is honest and true. This ability to create in inherent in all of us. It is an underlying need must often left without nurture. So surprise someone today, pick up a pencil and draw, fold a piece of paper into a work of art, or sculpt your first animal! You will most likely surprise yourself too.



Joseph a BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and has worked in Philadelphia since 2008. He is an active educator, and teaches classes year round through The Claymobile and at the Main Line Art Center. Engaging the community in a variety of ways, Joseph has also worked on projects with the Philadelphia Mural Arts as well as the Center for Wood in Art. In 2013 he was honored as an Artist-in-Residence at the Philadelphia Museum of Art through their Art Futures program . He spent 3 months creating work with students from West Philadelphia High School, crossing curriculums to create Art inspired by Science.

Joseph's professional work has been exhibited in group shows at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Delaware Museum of Art, Ice Box Space, LG Tripp Gallery, Marlin & Regina Miller Gallery at Kutztown University, and the Allentown Museum of Art. His students' work has been mounted in exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Free Library of Philadelphia, Main Line Art Center, and The Clay Studio. Joseph is currently an instructor for the Claymobile at The Clay Studio.