pike joanna portrait cropt

Joanna Pike

Resident Artist - Past

Artist Statement

I create objects that deliver concept through functionality. Humans collect objects that are familiar and reinforce their identity on a subconscious level. I utilize this occurrence to deliver to the user an object that is conventional in its function and recognizable yet challenging in aesthetic. These particular objects are redesigns of those found on shelves in any thrift store across the nation, items that speak to the history of our collective consumption or useful knickknacks.

The materiality of these pieces is of the utmost importance. By using ceramic waste material such as clay and glaze from sink traps, mop buckets, and floor sweepings I am able to mold pieces that emulate the less savory aspects of our material culture such as strip mining and waste disposal. Molds are recovered from the trash or are byproducts of my own material consumption. The result is a functional sculpture that quietly proposes a new way of living. 



Born in Portland, ME, Joanna received her BFA in ceramics from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. After completing her degree she travelled to Medicine Hat, AB to attend Medalta as a full year resident.