Joanie Turbek

Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 2007-2011

My interactive pieces function both as sculpture as well as props for social interaction. The viewer must perform with the piece in order to use it. Through lowbrow materials and simple, transparent mechanics I encourage the viewer to approach the work with the same candor that they might approach exercise equipment. My background in functional ceramics has taught me the value of this personal, unassuming relationship. That there is truth and honesty to objects we can approach and understand in a physical way.

My process begins with invention. Each piece is an attempt to fulfill a personal and specific human need. Efficiency is not necessarily valuable when dealing with personal issues; therefore metaphor and humor dictate form. In our society, the products we own are a clear portrayal of who we are and what is important to us. I see my work as a form of portraiture, both of myself and of the communities into which it is inserted.

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