schley bio

Jillian Schley

Guest Artist - Past

Residence Time: undefined 2015

Country of Origin: United States

My way of working is not traditional. My objective is to create a lightness in ceramics- not only regarding weight but also visually.

My formal training in art making began with clay while studying within a small commu-nity of artists in central North Carolina. From this training, I first realized and fostered a fascination with experimenting with materials and sculpture. Repetition of forms, testing of glaze formulations, and elements of chance stemming from opening a kiln to see unex-pected results, still influence my practice today. Now, my work is a collaboration with materials, and there are given parameters within which I hold an open invitation to chance during any process of making. There is a relationship with this method of creation that began with clay and I look forward to a return to this media.

I am honored to participate as a visiting artist at The Clay Studio and am excited to return to clay after a period of exploring other material sources. When thinking of working in clay, I think of adding to a strong community of artists working closely with one another, sharing their knowledge and experiences. To be welcomed into such an environment is invigorating and presents a wealth of new challenges as well as a continued opportunity for growth and exchange.


Jillian Schley is an artist based in Philadelphia working in painting, sculpture, and installation. Her work is currently focused on making soft sculptures using paint as a primary material. She is interested in ideas of materiality, transformation, objecthood, and the sublime. She studied ceramics and sculpture while living in Chapel Hill, NC and went on to earn a BFA in visual art from Arizona State University and an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She is a co-founding member of the curatorial collective and gallery, AUTOMAT.

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