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Jill Allen

Teaching Artist - Past

Artist Statement

Since childhood I have been attracted to things that are unusual, beautiful, or thought-provoking. Whether man-made or mother-nature-made, objects of beauty and mystery continuously draw me in and provide endless sources of inspiration for the things I make. 

I often use clay to create my pieces, for it has the wonderful ability to be formed into any shape imaginable.

I am interested in “other worlds,” such as the worlds of science fiction, the imagination, outer space, and the nano-world. They are places we cannot see with the human eye, but which hold great beauty and invention. The objects I create are inspired by “other worlds.”

The works of Joan Miró, Paul Klee, Tim Burton and Gene Roddenberry blow my mind. They are artists who have created “other-worlds” that are truly unique, beautiful, humorous, and often dark. Their works are great reflections of the human condition.



Jill Allen received a BFA from the University of Illinois in Champagne/Urbana, IL, and an MFA from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. Allen is currently an adjunct instructor at Montgomery County Community College and Arcadia University. She has shown work in many exhibitions across the country, including the South Carolina Triennial 2004 at the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC, and the Ceramics Biennial Exhibition 2006 at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. Allen’s work has been featured in The Ceramic Glaze Handbook by Mark Burleson, as well as in Handbuilt Tableware by Kathy Triplett. She is currently an instructor at The Clay Studio's School.