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Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 1997-2006

Since receiving his MFA at Kent State University, Sadohara has worked continuously to define his own personal voice.  Equally gifted as a potter as he is a sculptor, Sadohara moves effortlessly between both worlds.  His most recent work focuses on figurative sculpture. 

Sadohara is a keen observer of the world surrounding him.  The environment in which he lives and works profoundly influences what he creates. Sadohara depicts images of everyday life, over dramatized and heavily influenced by popular culture.  He is particularly fascinated by television programming and how it impacts our society, oftentimes finding the subject matter of his sculptures in the ironic situations fed daily into people’s homes.  He is equally as interested in the commercialization of the arts and the idea of art objects as a commodity, going to the extent of including recognizable pop culture icons in his work.  A master craftsman, Sadohara’s work is beautifully executed, sensitively sculpted and skillfully rendered.