Helen Drutt

On the occassion of her 90th Birthday on November 19th, 2020, Helen Drutt has donated a group of excellent ceramic works by important Philadelphia artists to The Clay Studio to support the public phase, "Take Us Home," of our Capital Campaign. All prices are available upon request. Please contact Jennifer Zwilling at jzwilling@theclaystudio.org for more information.

Helen Drutt has been the godmother of Craft in Philadelphia and America's ambassador for Craft around the world since the 1960s. Tomorrow, we will have the very special honor of meeting with her on Lunch & Learn to talk about her early interest in Craft, her first organizational and educational forays into the subject, her long-lived Helen Drutt Gallery, and her continuing work for the field. We are especially honored to have her with us on the afternoon of her 90th birthday. Please join us to hear about her adventures in Craft and to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Helen has generously donated several stunning works of art to The Clay Studio to benefit our new building during the next phase of our capital project: Take Us Home! We'll get a sneak peek of those important works of ceramic art as well.

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