Ginger Lukas

Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 2011-2012

The world exists in layers. Layers of thought, time, histories both personal and cultural. ‘Time is a spiral’, ‘We are in the epoch of juxtaposition’, ‘Everything that has happened will happen again’. All of these are true. There are unfathomable networks and grids connecting all aspects of daily life, and the fruit of these intersecting skeins, threadbare they may be at most times, is what is keeping us afloat. My waking life, and perhaps yours too, is held together with bits of string and duct tape. The amount of energy I exert is exactly the right amount; each day could never have happened any other way.

But within this, I find hope, and a reason to celebrate. In my recent work, intersections of all sizes and categories have lent themselves to be highlighted and tweaked. Objects, spaces, and a myriad of other inconsequential relationships have become potential players in a real-world drama that seeks to align with and enhance the somewhat dowdy, messy qualities that exist on dry land. My work is most successful if there is a moment of evocation in which the piece comes alive; a split-second of realization, the vertigo of space expanding, or the indulgence of nostalgia. This only happens when they are out in the world, and given access to as many people as possible.

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