George Pearlman

Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 1987-1992

George Pearlman started potting in 1980 and received his BS from Syracuse University in 1983 and his MFA in ceramics from Pennsylvania State University in 1994. His education was and continues to be a collage of life experiences. 

He has shown his work internationally and has been the recipient of numerous grants, residencies, and teaching positions throughout the U.S.A. and abroad. George established the St. George Pottery in 1999 by designing and constructing the three story building himself over seven months in 1998. This is the only break he has ever taken from his passion of working with clay since 1980, but it was well worth it. His studio and gallery are all connected to his coastal home in St. George, Maine. The permanent studio and contemporary ceramics gallery are open to the public for the six warmer months of the year, May through October. In 2013, the St. George Pottery was renamed George Pearlman Pottery.

George has been recognized by the Maine Arts Commission as an individual artist fellow.