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Eva Masterman

Guest Artist - Past

Country of Origin: England

Eva Masterman | Winner of Anthology Art Competition

Exhibition | Eva Masterman’s Work Rooted in the Idea of Process

Eva Masterman | The State of Ceramic Art Today

Eva has been working with clay for over 12 years and completed her Masters at the Royal College of Art in 2016. Her practice revolves around sculpture and collaborative participation. She recently completed the Norma Lipman Fellow in Ceramics at Newcastle University, where her work began exploring intergenerational connections and relationships through embodied clay objects. Her current PhD builds on this idea of clay as an agent in relationship building, by researching the use of clay as a tool for empowerment and identity building in communities. Her podcast Clay Commons looked at this theme through the context of a decline in formal ceramic education in universities and schools in the UK, and the subsequent rise of independent ‘open studio’ spaces that are appearing to fill the gap.