Deb Williams

Teaching Artist - Current

Artist Statement:

Being trained as a sculptor, but immersed in the traditions of functional pottery, my work is on the cusp of these two worlds. My vessels are often embellished with relief and sculptural elements inspired by the garden and life forms at the water’s edge. The color variations are achieved by layering several glazes to encourage the melting and pooling of molten glaze on the textured surface. Influences from my early childhood in South Jersey, playing in the woods along the creeks, as well as years of homesteading in West Virginia as a young adult living off the grid have left me with a deep connection to the natural environment which is reflected in my work.

The communication of my passion through teaching is an integral part of my artistic process. I have been sharing my love of this medium with students of all ages for over twenty five years. Guiding each student’s journey allows me to stay grounded in the basics of technique, forces me to reexamine my own aesthetics, and gives me the opportunity to celebrate the challenges and rewards of their experience with the ceramic process.



Deb received her BA at Rutgers University, New Jersey. She has been a teaching artist for over 20 years, and is the owner of Rankokus Pottery. She is currently an instructor for both the School and the Claymobile at The Clay Studio.