Chase Folsom

Teaching Artist - Past

Artist Statement:

My romantic life, at once tender and desperate, is the substance of my work. More specifically, I am interested in the ways that I project and receive desire (as Roland Barthes said, “I am devoured by desire, the impulse to be happy”), and negotiate my own relative experiences within it. This endless exchange between lovers – the absences, the expectations, the gravities, the intimacies, the small catastrophes – is the realm into which I want to invite viewers.



Chase Folsom received his MFA in Ceramics from University of Colorado Boulder and his BFA from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. He was interviewed earlier this year by Daily Serving, and he has been a resident artist at numerous residencies including the Center for Ceramics in Berlin, Germany. Most recently, he exhibited in the Biennial of the Americas in Denver, CO. He currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA, and is an instructor at The Clay Studio's School.