Charles Desmone

Workexchange Artist - Past


Considering emotions, I use my sense of memory and feelings to communicate my fascination with the misunderstood and fantastic, addressing humanness. Examining the roles our societal structures impose on us, and the effect our surroundings contribute to our perception and our individual persona, I explore relationships in the world, within ourselves and one another, and the world that exists beyond our immediate perceptions and understanding of ourselves as individuals. I project ideas of imaginary realms, rooted in our worldly constraints, that are meant to be abstracted, but in their vagueness have them relate to our individual feelings, processes, and existence. Using honest and direct communication through ceramics, I try to recreate the humor and pathos that closely relate to my experience and general confusion about life and its unknowns. The honest forms I seek often are hidden through decorative qualities of glaze, much like we as people hide behind our personas, carefully calculating how we present ourselves to one another. 


The objects encompass the idea that they are relics of feeling and memory, a general expression of something indicative of the human conscious. In the post digital age there is a level of nihilism that promotes isolation. Society in its many forms of influence visible through the many persona within it's existence often show the separation of the multiple. I understand the objects as fantasy, imagination taking form in the abstract but still associated to human nature and human form. They are relics or artifacts of our present envisioned through my experience. Furniture is often the passage of this fantasy relating abstract forms closely with the domestic and what beyond that familiar environment influences its expression.