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Celia Feldberg

Resident Artist - Current

Country of Origin: England

Born in England and raised in Massachusetts, Celia Feldberg earned her BFA in ceramics from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston in 2019. She makes illustrated pottery which has been exhibited in galleries across the US. She maintains an active involvement at craft schools, where she has been a studio assistant to Ben Carter, Sunshine Cobb, and Lynne Hobaica. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA and works out of The Clay Studio as an Resident Artist.

I make earthenware pottery which I slip and sgraffito to tell stories. Since making this work I have a new reaction to things that happen in my life, which is “I should make a mug about this.” I strive for my pottery to be touchable and practical, and for the illustrations to be joyous, or at least comforting in some way. I chase the quality of a memory with sensitive line work and soft colors. My characters are informed by storybooks and films that anthropomorphize animals to make everything a bit less real and a bit more charming and funny. I like when my drawings are both niche and relatable. The best part is when people feel uplifted by the pieces and connect the narrative to their own experiences. I want my imagery to exist on utilitarian pottery so it can be seen and engaged with often, on many different occasions, and hopefully, over a long time.