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Bronwyn Simons

Work exchange Artist - Past

Not while your beard is half brown // Not while your eyes crinkle clear

            Our surface is skin, our interface with the world. An interface is both the action and the device by which interaction and connection occurs. The dual passivity and activity of surface skin, the permeability and non-permeability of the exterior—the energy generated without and within is a continual statement of existence.

Not before muscle softens // And wrinkles lengthen

            This skin wears away. In each moment of physical connection we deteriorate our most basic boundary—the fabric that holds us separate. The decay of this surface is a testament to our continual efforts to exist as a unique entity, to hold ourselves together and give ourselves a name. But in deteriorating we are also reaching, being stretched between the physical and everything beyond.

// callus un-callus //

            Skin sags, charcoal crumbles, folds wrinkle, ceramic cracks, bones creak, and wood arches. In my work I externalize and personify moments of bodily reality, the wonderful and fearful things I sense under the skin of life. To understand the inevitable, the terror and beauty of physical deterioration is a way to transcend—to hold the intangible beyond. 

And you fade // Warm and strong