shindo profile

Amy Shindo

Resident Artist - Past

Residence Time: 2016-2020

Country of Origin: Canada


Embracing unforeseeable circumstance I strive to employ the knowledge that my career as a chef has provided. Food is an undeniable aspect of life which people often have little time to slow down and enjoy. My work investigates the subtle intersections of life, labour, sensation and creativity to question how objects and ritual can add new dimensions to the mundane.

I methodically approach my chosen materials, which often bear little or no resemblance to the products they will become. My aim is to transform the raw into experiences that reflectively highlight the potential hidden in things, and add freshness to life.



Born into a Japanese family of restaurateurs and growing up in Canada, Amy Shindo combines interests in the culinary and ceramic arts. Committed to investigating the complementary relationships between food and clay, Amy creates presentations that explore aesthetics, material culture, and the meaning of service. Employing skills acquired over fifteen years of formally studying cuisine, Amy bridges these worlds though accessib le objects and experiences.

Amy studied ceramics at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada and served as Artist in Residence at the Ceramic Arts Research Centre, University of Sunderland, England.